Cornish Justice Solutions (CJS) provides independent expert advice on systemic policies, practices, plans and legal strategies to help:

  • facilitate human rights compliance;

  • create fair, productive and sustainable organizations and public policies; and

  • achieve equity for disadvantaged groups in workplaces and communities.

CJS was created by Mary Cornish on her retirement after more than 40 years as a litigation lawyer and independent expert policy advisor at the Toronto public interest law firm Cavalluzzo LLP. Cornish now wants to focus her independent expert work on helping governments, public sector bodies, unions, employers, civil society organizations and legal counsel to design and implement effective and systemic justice and equity solutions.

Using her unique systemic, proactive and inclusive approach, and broad equity lens, CJS will work together with clients to:

Over Cornish’s litigation and independent expert career, she has analyzed and designed laws, policies, practices and collaborative planning processes to further human rights compliance and organizational effectiveness in many diverse justice areas.

Inequities can arise from many different intersecting systemic factors which impact on the diverse experiences of equity seeking groups. Understanding these factors and building pathways to justice and equity in workplaces, communities and public policies requires commitment, time, knowledge, collaboration, resources, planning and monitoring.

CJS helps clients and their staff to:

  • safeguard and secure the human rights of those they impact; and

  • find the pathways which are most effective for their circumstances and diverse mandates.